February 14, 2012 @ 4:00 PM

 “Pen” Feathers
Like many people, goals are set with the onset of the new year.  One of my goals was to begin, in earnest, a blog for My Feathered Family web site.  So here I am, jotting down observations, focusing on my flock.  Few days go by without one or several of our parrots and birds doing something odd, funny or entertaining. 

My Feathered Family
If you haven’t already clicked on “Our Flock” take a look at the gang…from one of the smallest companion parrots (Parrotlet) to one of the larger species (Macaw).  We have adopted all but one from owners or interveners for a variety of reasons and concerns…nevertheless, all looking to place their birds in a good home.

Adoption is not without its challenges.  Most of them have come to us with some type of idiosyncrasy, whether it’s distrust of humans, fear of certain sounds or a fixation of a particular object.  I call them…my birds with baggage!  It takes patience to gain their faith and sadly, some may never completely trust.  It seems, at least with my crew, the magic number is at about 2 years…two years to “unpack” the baggage and move beyond uncertainties. 

Living With Companion Parrots
As bird lovers, you know each bird has his or her own distinct persona!  I hope that over the course of my blogs I will be able to convey some of the silliness that goes on in my aviary.  My blog may not be a captivating read to some however, at the very least; I will have, in print, the chronicles of my life with my feathered family!