January 31, 2013 @ 7:00 PM

Buckley Unleashed 

Gonzo’s legacy, before he became ill, was to teach a little trick to my Blue and Gold Macaw.  After many years in our home, Gonzo decided it was great fun to sneak out of the food and water bowl doors of his cage.  He would wait until I removed them for cleaning or filling and then proceed to squeeze out and climb up to the top of the cage.  With him, that wasn’t a problem.  He was happy to sit quietly on the outside of his cage…his world…to supervise the household comings and goings.  What I soon came to realize, was Buckley, the B&G Macaw was watching and learning from Gonzo’s ploy. 

Our Buckley is not the brightest bird in the flock so I was ......

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