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Dali, a.k.a. Dolly

The newest member of the flock is a Quaker named Dali. He came to our home in August of 2011. His first name was Dolly and he proudly calls himself that. Unfortunately, his first mom found out years later she was a he! Therefore, we’ve spelled his name Dali so he can keep is dignity intact. A sweet, funny bird I fell in love with when I first saw him. He was showing off a bit when we first met by singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star from start to finish. It was a ploy to get me to take him home, for sure. He will rarely sing the song, all the way through unless I’m around the corner in the kitchen or family room…then he belts it out and does a little be-bop! He is a very bright and vocal bird with a large vocabulary. We've discovered he has a talent for mimicking almost any sound if it interests him...from zippers to nail and hammer sounds!